SMP for Scars

Most of those who undergo hair transplant surgeries like follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are predisposed to significant and noticeable scars. And this visible scarring is not dependent on the abilities of the doctor performing the hair transplant. Rather a natural, assumed, and common risk associated with hair transplant procedures.

At YokoTotalBeauty, we understand how disheartening it can be to experience visible scarring from a hair transplant procedure that was meant to divert attention away from your hair loss in the first place. But fortunately, we have an option that can effectively mask the scars left behind by the medical procedure.

For those that need to cover scaring on their head, our scalp micropigmentation in Sydney is a great and cost-effective method to conceal the appearance of the scars. Because scarring can occur due to surgeries, injuries, or infections, we use a different and specialised SMP approach to blend the colour of the scarred skin with your existing hair colour.

Scarring is unique to each individual and different skin types will require different types of SMP introduced into the scarred skin. Scars hold pigment and colour differently to your natural skin, yokototalbeauty will adjust the pigment composition to compensate for and match your existing hair colour. We can even hide the smaller finer cuts for you, to produce even hair cover effect.



Prices are estimates. Please book a consultation for customised price.

Our unique SMP Check App is perfect for the undecided client or the client who just wants to see how a finished project will look on them.

If your receding hairline or bald spot bothers you, rest easy because we’ve got the solution. Our experts will use advanced technology and a series of tiny dots of pigment to replicate the hair follicle. We will help you to camouflage scars, populate fine and thinning hair, and re-establish receding hairlines or bald patches. You will no longer spend money on hair transplants, wigs, hair pieces, sprays or creams for your bald patches.


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