SMP for Repair Work

Scalp micropigmentation is an intricate process, time-consuming, requires an intense amount of focus as well as a good grip of the machine and other required equipment. When administered by an inexperienced practitioner, the procedure may go wrong, leaving the patient with many pains and complications. Furthermore, scalp micropigmentation carries its risks and side effects, just like any other medical procedure. Patients sometimes can experience mild to severe pain or little to no discomfort. Using the service of an untrained SMP artist can literarily expose you to greater risks.

Unqualified practitioners might use an a tattoo ink, and deposit the pigment deeper into the scalp of the patient. This is common to cases whereby a tattoo artist makes a transition to SMP with little to no training. And some signs indicating a wrongly administered SMP include discolouration to blue or green, oversized dots, and merging of individual deposits into a solid block of colour. For this reason, it’s vital you do your due diligence when searching for a qualified SMP practitioner.

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the style received from your recent service provider, battling with series of complications, or maybe the final treatment didn’t meet your expectations, then contact YokoTotalBeauty to get the help you need. Regardless of the depth of the damage, our qualified experts will help you remove the wrongly administered pigment. Most times, it can take a couple of sessions to effectively remove and correct the bad treatment, but rest assured that our experienced SMP artist will get the job done without having to worry about the risk of additional complications.


SMP for Repair

Prices are estimates. Please book a consultation for customised price.

At YokoTotalBeauty, aside from having the experience, certification, and correct machines needed, we work in a safe, clean, and sterile environment. Before starting your SMP treatment, our experts will also consult with you, prep you for what to expect, and how to prepare beforehand. Besides, we’ll provide you with treatment options that have worked for our past clients and assist you in making an informed choice.

When you work with our qualified experts administering scalp micropigmentation, not only will the treatment become a confidence boosting procedure, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your treatment will be rightly administered.

Our unique SMP Check App is perfect for the undecided client or the client who just wants to see how a finished project will look on them.

By working with experts at YokoTotalBeauty, you will:

  • Receive a highly advanced form of scalp micropigmentation Sydney services.
  • Get a FREE consultation with a qualified and experienced service expert.
  • Work with a friendly, compassionate, and customer-centric SMP artist.

Are you ready to change your life, appearance, and boost your self-esteem? Contact service professionals at YokoTotalBeauty today to learn more about our SMP Sydney services, request a FREE quote, or schedule your free consultation with one of our experts. You will never be disappointed.


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