SMP for Full Head

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss when men start to go bald before the age of 50. Men and women lose many strands of hair each day with age, however losing more than normal usually indicates a problem. And this can have an obvious toll on the sufferer in terms of looks and self-esteem. While you may not be able to control the rate at which your hair falls out, scalp micropigmentation administered by an expert SMP Sydney artist will create the illusion of fuller hair and offers the natural look you desire.

During every SMP session at YokoTotalBeauty, our experienced practitioners use highly specialised equipment and special techniques to inject pigments into the scalp in order to create natural looking hair-like lines and dots. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach for all patients. Every client’s needs are unique, so we employ a customised treatment procedure to ensure the experience is seamless and exceptional.

After the completion of your sessions with experts at YokoTotalBeauty, it will be difficult for friends, loved ones, and even close relatives to tell the difference between the “old you” and the “new you.” So either you’re suffering from alopecia, sporadic hair loss, or other pattern baldness, reach out to experienced SMP practitioners at YokoTotalBeauty. Let our friendly, highly passionate, and skilled scalp micropigmentation Sydney experts softly administer your treatment so you can get the “full head of hair” look you have ever desired. We are the new generation of hair tattooing.

Full Head is commonly sought by Alopecia Totalis sufferers. Half head falls into the category of Alopecia Areata. Full Head work requires a different approach due to the fact the canvas is totally bare, there is no blending and there will be no regrowth to consider.


SMP for Full Head

Prices are estimates. Please book a consultation for customised price.

Due to the similarities that SMP shares with tattooing, it is very important to have a style in mind before seeing a technician so that you can choose the correct hairline. However it is not crucial, our fantastic SMP app will easily help you discover the right hairstyle and hairline in 3D.

Even with our unique augmented reality SMP Check app, we encourage our prospective clients to bring old photos of themselves which will help in determining an age appropriate artwork that will suit you. yokototalbeauty can match where your old hairline was and replace the same look you may have once had or with our app, you can go for a completely new look without the worry of how it will look once the job is done.

Our unique SMP Check App is perfect for the undecided client or the client who just wants to see how a finished project will look on them.

If your receding hairline or bald spot bothers you, rest easy because we’ve got the solution. Our experts will use advanced technology and a series of tiny dots of pigment to replicate the hair follicle. We will help you to camouflage scars, populate fine and thinning hair, and re-establish receding hairlines or bald patches. You will no longer spend money on hair transplants, wigs, hair pieces, sprays or creams for your bald patches.


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