SMP for Bald Patches

Bald patches affect only a limited area and can appear at any time. This condition can even plague young men in their twenties to thirties. Quite often, the patches regrow hair within a couple of months. But in most cases, these bald spots experience permanent hair loss, especially when there is no form of early intervention through medications, therapy, or other natural remedies.

Patches can appear quite suddenly without warning and hence affect your self-esteem as there often is no time to psychologically process and adjust to your changing scalp and look. Many men try other ways to mitigate the hair loss by early intervention of medications or special oil/herbal remedies and spend 1000’s of dollars with very minimal gains or having to invest long term treatment plans to eventually develop into other variations of Alopecia Areata. Not to mention the drawbacks, other modalities come with.

If your receding hairline or bald spot bothers you, rest easy because we’ve got the solution. Our experts will use advanced technology and a series of tiny dots of pigment to replicate the hair follicle. We will help you to camouflage scars, populate fine and thinning hair, and re-establish receding hairlines or bald patches. You will no longer spend money on hair transplants, wigs, hair pieces, sprays or creams for your bald patches.


for Bald Patches

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Our unique SMP Check App is perfect for the undecided client or the client who just wants to see how a finished project will look on them.

Furthermore, our scalp micropigmentation treatment gives you the instant, impressive appearance of a full head regardless of the cause of your hair loss, and this does not stop you from seeking other hair loss treatment options. Contact YokoTotalBeauty today to learn more about how our hair tattoo Sydney services can add density, fuller look, and natural-looking hairlines to your bald patches.


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